You choose your world, and I’ll choose mine.


If we truly want to follow God we must seek to be other-worldly. This I say knowing well that that word has been used with scorn by the sons of this world and applied to the Christian as a badge of reproach. So be it. Every man must choose his world.

Last Sunday I prayed with a woman who was having severe chronic pain in her right hand and arm. I asked her to place her hand on mine, and her husband placed his hand on hers.

We’re all friends, so there was some lighthearted banter. Then we simply asked God to heal her. No theatrics. No hype. The sanctuary was mostly empty. I don’t think anyone even noticed us. My hand began to tingle intensely, not unlike it was ‘asleep’ (this has happened to me many times before). She felt heat throughout her arm, and then a tingling. The pain went away, and it’s been gone ever since.

I emailed her this week and asked her how it was feeling. She replied:

So, God’s pretty amazing!  =)  Until last night, I’d had no pain at all, just some odd tingling that was there when we prayed over it.  As I was sitting on the couch last night, I was thinking over the week and how much baking and decorating that I’d done, and looking ahead at all the baking and decorating still to do and wondering if it would start to hurt.  And I’m so not kidding here when I tell you that I felt a sort of squeeze on my hand that wasn’t necessarily pain, but as if someone was squeezing my hand as a reassurance.  I clasped and rubbed my hands together, and just thanked the Lord for His healing touch.  Isn’t that COOL?!?!?!

Yep. Pretty cool.
So, here are a couple possible explanations:

  • Option A: Maybe the tingling was just a product of my imagination, and maybe the heat was just a product of hers, and the alleviation of pain was just a psychosomatic anomaly. Or,
  • Option B: Maybe God just showed up healed her because he wanted to.

I’m going with option B. Believing option A takes way more faith than I’ve got.

Tozer had it right: “Every man must choose his world.” I’ve chosen mine, and it’s far more real than anything you can see or touch.

What about you? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Or, better yet, share your stories!

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