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Maybe it isn’t all that bad out there…

This is not a post about Christmas! It is about Isaiah 9:6-7… which is definitely about the birth of Jesus. However, it’s so easy to just picture these words in a scripty font underneath a Precious Moments nativity scene, and think about the cute little baby and miss what’s being promised. Hyper-simplified summary Verse 6: […]

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A Whole New Position on Sex, Pt. 3

It says to “rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Sounds good, right? Well, it is…but let’s put it in context: you don’t rejoice in somebody if you think you’re clearly better than them. 3,000 years ago gender equality wasn’t even on the radar. This was a pretty revolutionary thought. There was a lot of […]

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Must Have Gifts, Vary by Location. Infographic.

The Maryville Vineyard has created it’s first infographic! It’s a job well done, and an incredibly important message. Read and consider carefully. The best thing about this infographic: you can actually do something about it! Click the image to find out how to get involved. Nice work Josh Dickson (research), and Matt Fuson (design). Click […]

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