Easter’s over. Now what?

The Maryville Vineyard just started a new series called, reLENTless.

The premise is pretty simple. For the past few weeks many of us have been participating in something called Lent (more about Lent). Lent is an ancient Christian tradition where, in the weeks leading up Easter we do a bunch of stuff to prepare our hearts to celebrate the resurrection. Prayer. Service. Fasting.

It is, in a way, a time of mourning as we think about the sacrifice of Jesus, and we mourn the fact that he had to die to atone for our sins.

Now, here’s what we’ve decided to do the for the next forty days: we’re going to take the idea of Lent, and flip it inside out.

Now that we’ve taken forty days to mourn the fact that Jesus died…lets take 40 days and celebrate the fact that he’s alive!  

Jesus rose from the dead and for forty days (until he returned to heaven) his disciples followed him and thought, “This is incredible, it seems too good to be true! What does this mean for me?! For this world!?” They followed Jesus around in constant awe of the fact that he was alive. So let’s do that!

And now that we’ve taken away something that’s meaningful to us for 40 days, let’s add something meaningful for the next forty days.

  • Maybe it’s extra time of worship
  • or sending one encouraging email a day
  • or studying the book of Acts to learn about what happened in the days that followed Jesus’ resurrection
  • or posting on Facebook why you’re grateful

Each Sunday we’re going to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and study it’s implications (there’s plenty!).

And, as you may know, Lent Kicks off with an Ash Wednesday service, during which we’re reminded of our mortality. Well, we’re going to wrap this up with an Ascension Thursday service, during which we’ll be reminded of our immortality.

Why have 40 days of mourning, and only one day to party? This is going to be fun!

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