Below are some resources you may find helpful. A few of them are provided by my church, others are from this blog, and most of them I have nothing to do with, but have found to be really helpful. If there’s something else you think I might be able to help out with, contact me.



More of a magazine than a book, this quick read introduces some challenging and hopeful ideas about how God offers us a fresh start and how we can do the same.

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If you want to listen to my sermons, that’s pretty simple:

I listen to at least one sermon a day (I know, it’s nerdy). I’m often asked what podcasts I like the best. The list is long and meandering, and my preferences are constantly changing. However, there are a few that I keep coming back to again and again. I don’t always agree with any of them… but I always appreciate their perspective.
  • Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian. Brilliant and accessible. Tim Keller is an incredible interpreter of the Bible.
  • Rich Nathan, Vineyard Columbus. Passionate, deliberate, and informed. Nobody pairs cultural relevance and biblical faithfulness better than Rich Nathan.
  • Matt Chandler, The Village Church. Fearless, relevant, fun. Matt Chandler makes me laugh… and cry… and then he punches me in the face. Probably my favorite preacher.
  • Andy Stanley, North Point Community Church. He’s NOT simple! He’s profound. He’s just so stinkin’ clear that you don’t even realize he’s being profound.
  • David Platt, The Church at Brook Hills. All Bible, all the time.
Hint: Podcasts can be played at 2x speed. For most people, that means a full sermon will fit nicely into a trip to work/school and back.


The blogosphere is a great way to learn. It’s the ultimate resource for information and misinformation! It’s also a deep, dark never-ending tunnel. I used to read scores of them every single day. Now, I’ve pared it down to just a handful that I think add real value.

This is just a drop in the ocean. Here’s a list of the top 200 Christian blogs. Have fun!

FYI, the combination of a Google Reader account (free) and the Reeder App (10 bucks) makes reading a ton of blogs super easy, and pretty elegant, too.


This is an impossible list to make…but I’ll paint with broad strokes and see where it leaves us. My hope is that if you’re looking to do some reading, this might be a nice jumping off point for you.

Here are the last 10 individual titles that really got me thinking (in no particular order):

Tools / Apps

There are a handful of apps and study resources that I’d have a hard time getting by without.



I’ll add to these lists over time. Feel free to give suggestions or to fire away with any questions you might have, using the contact form below: