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Misplaced Beauty

There’s a brilliant guy who figured out how to make indoor clouds. That’s an impressive trick! Apparently, with the right mixture of temperature, humidity and light you can make clouds appear just about anywhere. The images of something floating around where common logic dictates that it doesn’t belong strikes me as incredibly inspiring. I want […]

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If I were gay, I’d just want to be left alone.

As a married heterosexual, no one outside of my closest and most trusted circle of friends would feel inclined to quiz me about my sex life. That’s as it should be. Homosexuals don’t have that luxury. Controversy and unsolicited opinions come standard. It’s unfortunate. As a Christian, I must live by the golden rule: Luke […]

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How to know God’s will (or at least a start)

3 of 3 (FYI, Here’s part 1 and part 2) The ‘how-to’ section is always tough. So here are a few disclaimers: this isn’t an exhaustive list. this isn’t a formula or a trick. this doesn’t exclude the obvious! That being said, when you’re trying to figure out God’s personal will, working through this list sure […]

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