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Vineyard Lab: Digital Giving at Church

We’re always kicking ideas around at the Maryville Vineyard. At the moment, we’re working on how to create more and better digital giving options. We have online giving available via PayPal. People are using it more and more, which is cool. Some folks give from their paychecks with an automatic withdrawal that comes to us […]

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iBooks Author will change Christian education, long before higher education

Steve Jobs and the Apple Corp. planned to revolutionize higher education, and they just might. But Christian education’s going to be revitalized first. Why? Because the Church is filled with some of the most innovative and creative people in the world…and they’re not nearly as concerned about who owns the content. When it’s not about […]

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vineyard labs: texting in church

Welcome to the lab! I need feedback, and a little bit of help testing a new idea we’re working on.  One of the things we’re always kicking around is how to keep vineyard peeps well-informed, without being annoying. We killed the bulletin a while back in an effort save time, save $, and save a […]

@ the Lab: Your thoughts, please.

I love change.  I rearrange furniture for no particular reason.  My office floats around the county (as long as it’s got wifi and it’s in a different place than yesterday, it’ll do!).  I jack with the seating in our sanctuary for no good reason.  I rework my weekly calendar…er, uhm…almost weekly. I just love change.  […]