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Misplaced Beauty

There’s a brilliant guy who figured out how to make indoor clouds. That’s an impressive trick! Apparently, with the right mixture of temperature, humidity and light you can make clouds appear just about anywhere. The images of something floating around where common logic dictates that it doesn’t belong strikes me as incredibly inspiring. I want […]

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The TMZ-ification of the Church

Sarcasm is unbecoming. So I apologize in advance. Maybe I’ll start a show where a bunch of people sit around in a fake newsroom and talk about all the latest celebrity pastor gossip. We’d mingle fascination and admiration with disdain and gotcha headlines. Segments would include: Grudge Match: Mars Hill vs. Mars Hill Camping Out: […]

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Peas & Carrots. I Hate Carrots.

The world is full of traditional pairings. You know, stuff that just always seems to go together. PB & J Parties & regrets Jordan & Pippen Dating & drama etc… You can’t seem to have one without the other. Sometimes that magnetism makes for great things (i.e., PB & J) and sometimes not (i.e., dating […]

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