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Proverbs: Driving Back Stupidity for 3,000 years

I’m not great at social commentary, but I wonder if this rings true to you: I think we have a stupid problem. If that’s true, let’s agree to do our fair share and take the book of Proverbs seriously… it’s been fighting back stupidity for thousands of years! Proverbs calls stupidity, foolishness There’s a pretty big […]

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A Different Kind of Diversity

I wish churches were more diverse. I wish my church was more diverse. Sometimes when I meet new people at church I think to myself, “They’re awesome! I’m so glad that they’re here! If they weren’t white I’d be even happier.” Is that bad? Don’t answer that…I know it’s bad. We’re slowly becoming more diverse […]

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A Little Extra Touch

I’ve had some folks ask for quotes and resources from this past Sunday’s sermon. We kicked off a new series that’ll cover some of the personal interactions in Jesus’ ministry. So, here are the quotes from this past Sunday, and a list of my primary resources so far: Mother Teresa: “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, […]

Vision for 100

One year ago I accepted a challenge from Michael Gatlin.  It boiled down to this (paraphrasing wildly): “Set a goal for how many people will be led to Christ through the ministry of your church in the next year. Be bold about it, and then have the guts to tell your church about it, and […]

What's keeping me up at night…

I’ve tried to use a measure of discipline and not use this blog as an outlet for shameless Maryville Vineyard promo. Instead, I want this to be a place where I can share what’s on my mind. But here’s the deal: what’s happening at the Maryville Vineyard is what’s on my mind.  In fact, it’s […]