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The Confused Protestant’s Guide to Lent. Plus 10 ideas for how to observe it.

A lot of us protestant types aren’t exactly experts on the subject of Lent. The continuum of lent awareness goes like this: This post will only be helpful to the JV squad on the left side of that continuum. If you’re positioned more toward the right side you might want to consult an expert. Or […]

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I’m a pastor, and my job’s no better than yours.

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, “I’m a pastor, and my job’s no worse than yours.”  My kids watch Thomas the Train. It’s a show about life. It’s not about trains. In many episodes there’s drama over which lucky engine will get to deliver the ‘special.’ Delivering a ‘special’ means you were chosen to […]

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Vineyard Lab: Digital Giving at Church

We’re always kicking ideas around at the Maryville Vineyard. At the moment, we’re working on how to create more and better digital giving options. We have online giving available via PayPal. People are using it more and more, which is cool. Some folks give from their paychecks with an automatic withdrawal that comes to us […]

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